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The Process

Custom Design

Part of the Diamond Leaf experience means ensuring it is more than just a purchase, so our custom engagement rings include a package to help couples navigate the path from engagement all the way through the wedding. We provide a truly memorable experience from helping with the engagement party to private, VIP shopping for the perfect wedding dress. Come experience a different way to find your special ring. ​

The Process

Step 1

First, we schedule a design consultation to discuss and sketch ideas. Some clients share pictures of ideas they have, others prefer to collaborate. We consider materials, and select diamonds and gemstones.

The Process

Step 2

Second, using the latest technology in Computer Aided Design (CAD), we work to exacting standards to craft a piece with beauty and integrity. When the CAD model is ready, we schedule a second appointment to unveil the renders.

The Process

Step 3

Then, using our in-house 3D printer, we create a resin so you are able to see the detail and scale of your new custom jewelry. This green resin is also used to create the final mold for casting.

The Process

Step 4

Next, we choose between casting or hand fabrication. Depending on the design plan, your jewelry will either be cast or created with hand-drawn wire. While both methods ensure long lasting wear, well-executed hand fabrication allows for added durability.  

The Process

Step 5

Finally, Our talented goldsmiths set each gemstone or diamond by hand and perform all of the fine detailing to ensure crisp, bright, and beautiful setting and finish work.

The Process


We'll let you know when your gorgeous custom piece of jewelry is finished! :)

Custom Ring Process

Metal Types


Started In Jewelry

Miriam's interest was sparked & she started learning absolutely everything she could about what makes quality jewelry, all while raising her newborn twins.


Founded DLJ

In 2015, dreams became reality. Miriam founded Diamond Leaf & began building the jewelry shop of her dreams.


Moved In To The IRL

In 2016, Diamond Leaf officially joined the Iowa River Landing in Coralville, Iowa. This has been DLJ's amazing home ever since!


Acquired Brides By Jessa

When the previous owner of Brides By Jessa decided to sell her business, Miriam didn't hesitate to take ownership of this gorgeous bridal gown shop. And guess what is an awesome perk of BBJ's location? It's literally connected to Diamond Leaf! These sister stores are a bride/groom's one stop shop when it comes to wedding rings & attire!


Covid-19 Pandemic

Wow... where do we even start? 2020 was an incredibly difficult year for everyone. We immediately took extra precautions to keep everyone healthy & safe. Even though this year was INSANE - we didn't need to let any of our hard working staff go. We're SO thankful for all of your love and support this year (especially!). Our small business was able to keep thriving despite the world in chaos.


Survived 2020! :)

We're still open & as hard at work as ever before. A HUGE thank you goes out to everyone who's supported us along the way. Cheers to many more!

Repurposing Old Jewelry